Friday, January 29, 2016

Why is architecture important?

It’s integral that form follows function, like it would be pointless to have a play area built like a prison. This is what makes architecture so important. Architecture is necessary to have so that buildings have form that follows function, but also adds a visually appealing sense to design. Without architecture buildings and homes would all look simple, and have a variety of pointless aspects.
An important aspect of architecture and architects is the idea that a problem of some sort must be solved. In the case of Career Center East, and architect must have attempted to fit all of the different classroom types, and class needs, into one building. An architect’s job is often to solve a problem of how to fit everything into one object, or in this case a building. CCE classes range from the medical profession, with hospital beds, to an auto shop, complete with car lifts. Architecture is necessary to fit all of these complex elements into one building. Architecture could be considered a type of puzzle building, in which all of the functions must fit into one building. Without the presence of architecture, CCE would just be a mild boring building, in which every class room looked the same, despite the classes’ needs. Architecture is the reason that the building is designed the way it is, because it’s laid out in a fashion that has every necessary aspect, such as a film studio, but stayed within every parameter, such as financial parameters.
            While architecture is important so that form follows function, it is also necessary to give buildings the “aw,” that is so desired by viewers. Architecture is the sense of design that is added to buildings, it’s what turns buildings from just another thing, to a work of wonder. Chicago is one of those cities in which the architecture will cause you to pause and look twice. It is scattered with different styles of architecture ranging from Gothic Revival to Modernism, such as the Willis Tower (Sears Tower). The skyline has been transformed and altered over the years with new building styles popping up over the last few centuries. Architecture is what caused all of these buildings to be so magnificent. The small design aspects that were picked and designed by an architect is what causes people to look at these buildings many years later.

Architecture gives buildings a sense of life that fits the time period in which they were designed. While admiring the architecture, people are allowed to be transported back to the time in which the building was built. Buildings are such a huge part of history because of their sheer size and life span; the architectural styles of a time period is a synopsis of the style of that period. Buildings are a huge monument, and they definitely reflect the style of a period.