Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Group Workstyles

It’s nearly impossible to form a perfect group. Very, very rarely will anyone find four students, or adults, that mesh and work perfectly together. But, if certain people’s workstyles are known, a solid group can be formed. This was the direct reason for how the groups were formed in AAD for our time periods. Couple a controlling red, a creative yellow, a quiet blue, and a resolute green, and a recipe for success is present.
Project: Design a garden/hope based on a time period. For me and my group, this is the space/atomic age. Being a red myself, I assert myself as the leader of the group. Whenever our group has to come to together, like building a timeline, I’m quick to divide everyone up so that we can achieve our goal quickly and efficiently. This can also backfire though, as some group members are more focused on one topic so they ignore others, or the final project looks slightly disjointed as different people did each part. Dominic being a yellow, he is our group’s source of creativity, but at times it’s downright wacky. He comes up with wonderful ideas, but lacks the words and ability to convey his ideas to the group. With me and Ariana both being a red, there is possibility for conflict over direction.
As far as working together, we seem to work rather well.  An extrovert, and introvert, and two ambiverts seem to balance each other out. When in a group setting, we wouldn’t be extremely rowdy and off task, as all members balance each other out in some way. Dominic being the extrovert and yellow, means for our group he is our creative loud voice. Whenever we are stuck, he is there to pick us up. Alternatively, Kiersten being our blue introvert, we might not be able to hear her opinion at times, as she is less likely to share it. As far as our groups learning intakes, we are all tactile/kinesthetic. This allows us all to communicate well with each other if we need to show another group member how to do something.
Over all, our group is pretty balanced. Dominic is there to bring us crazy ideas, and Kierstin can help calm those ideas. Ariana and I are both present to make sure that no matter what the task gets completed. We aren’t a perfect symmetry as we lack a gre
en, but we definitely come close.