Monday, May 2, 2016

The "next" Age

The shift age is a combination of the ages that have come before it, but is completely different at the same time. The information age brings us the idea that everything/everyone is a part of one world, this is instilled in the shift age to make it basic thought. The space age allowed us to travel the world, and the atomic age allowed us to fight in a new kind of way. Both of these are continued today, but the idea of a world government has come to fruition that started during these time periods. And going even farther back ages, we see more common trends. But the shift age is completely different in the sense that there isn't any huge technological advancement that has caused the shift. The shift age is the culmination of technological and social changes within the past few decades. 

Within my design for the shift age, I'm attempting to show a convergence of spaces and objects to help signify the trends within the shift age. I also want to highlight a completely open floor plan, as the shift age highlights the one world that we now live in, and i want to be able to show this through the lack of walls. 

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