Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Advanced Architectural Design, well it's been a good semester. I've explored programs, ideas, and techniques I had previously never considered.

Sketch up allowed me to catch up on a program I hadn't used in years, but really needed to become familiar with yet again. My guess is I'll end up using this at some point again in college. I was also introduced to revit, a program that will likely encompass plenty of my time in the next couple years. As far as programs, these are the most important to me currently, and I want to be able to dive into them more in depth, but as far as this class provided, it was a good introduction. Mr. Carson allowed us to explore these programs on our own, and it made us understand that a lot of the time in the future we will be alone to figure stuff out, and we need to start doing this now. But it was always nice if we had a question, he was there to answer it.

The class was useful in the sense that we didn't just work on a typical architectural project. We mixed up the project between a house design, and a garden design. This allowed us to explore architectural principals related to vegetation and shade. The garden allowed us to think about being landscape architects. The class allowed us to think outside of the box to attempt to solve architectural problems.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I feel

I feel like we should feel like we're doing something important. Well what the heck does that even mean? When considering the English shift to using the phrase "I feel like," we slightly change what we are attempting to say than if we were using other phrases. A feeling is nice but we need to change our feelings to what we know if we truly want to succeed in life, but maybe no architecture.

For architecture a feeling is kind of a good and a bad thing though. It take some type of intuition and creativity to come up with a problem solving design. I feel like this might work is a solid answer to an issue. You need to develop and initial feeling, an initial spark, to come up with something new. But at the point a "feeling" needs to become something greater, we must use ideas and words that are more concrete. Architects can't have a feeling about a design forever, at some point the design must come to exist.

Monday, May 2, 2016

The "next" Age

The shift age is a combination of the ages that have come before it, but is completely different at the same time. The information age brings us the idea that everything/everyone is a part of one world, this is instilled in the shift age to make it basic thought. The space age allowed us to travel the world, and the atomic age allowed us to fight in a new kind of way. Both of these are continued today, but the idea of a world government has come to fruition that started during these time periods. And going even farther back ages, we see more common trends. But the shift age is completely different in the sense that there isn't any huge technological advancement that has caused the shift. The shift age is the culmination of technological and social changes within the past few decades. 

Within my design for the shift age, I'm attempting to show a convergence of spaces and objects to help signify the trends within the shift age. I also want to highlight a completely open floor plan, as the shift age highlights the one world that we now live in, and i want to be able to show this through the lack of walls.